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johntimber : Hi,

I've got a major problem with my windows 2000 install. Since I uninstalled IE6 beta when my machine loads up my mouse or keyboard do not work (there is no pointer on the screen and the numlock key on the keyboard won't even toggle). I had givenup, and wanted to try and re-install windows, but when I tried to it said that it could not install onto the old partition and if I wanted to reinstall it i would have to re-format the partition (which I don't want to do as i'd lose all of my work! - I don't have enough space on other disks to back it all up). (I've lost the EBD). I can access the main HD via a win2k install i've done one my secondary (smaller) HD, but I can't see what I could do to fix it. I've tried replacing the WINNT/system32/config/system file with the one in WINNT/repair but that didn't seem to make any difference. So I suppose i'm really asking two questions? How could I fix the mosue / keyboard problem? or How can I re-install windows without needing a format?

Please help.

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Splinter : Hey,

since it's win2K i believe its a plug&play/driver Problem. Wich connector does your mouse use? PS2 or USB? is there any switch/hub between the device and the motherboard? i recommend trying an PS/2 keyboard connected directly to the MB.

And did u try to reinstall the IE6 beta?

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